About Us

Minifeed is an internet visibility consulting firm advising leading companies on internet marketing, online brand visibility and technical operations.

We assist companies in finding business insight with our solutions.

Minifeed web services are broken into three solutions with set business objectives:

We offer these solutions in the form as consulting services which will help your team understand the online marketplace. Minifeed can also assist in technical implementation of these insights.

Our associates’ backgrounds are broad and international. Our team includes; management, marketing, graphic design and IT specialists. Minifeed has operated for several years in North America, where we developed our customers internet distribution channels. Minifeed developed knowledge and skills in the North American market. Minifeed’s North American clients are a step ahead of their Finnish competitors and have the most current technology and service in internet visibility – strategic implementation.

Implementation of internet visibility has become a vital part in a working marketing strategy. Consumers rely heavily on the internet and especially Google for their product and service information needs. The challenge in creating a successful internet campaign lies in acquiring a company that understands search engine optimization and Google search protocols. Minifeed gets their clients products and services maximum exposure over the internet. Minifeed is a trustworthy internet marketing company.

Internet Marketing Professionals

Does your company need more internet visibility, increased traffic on your site and does it need to turn visitors into customers? Minifeed offers consulting services, that bring significant results. We provide a service in collaboration with our customer fitting it to their schedule and budget. Minifeed is committed to the customer’s projects and will ensure their investment gives sustainable results.



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