Converting Your Visitors into Customers

Minifeed Search Intelligence (MSI)

MSI will increase brand visibility online as well as bring more qualified traffic to your site. Additionally, our service broadens your company’s visibility with related keywords. We optimize content for your site is produced to attract the right visitors.

MSI will help your website rank in the Top 10 in Google’s search results. We use industry leading tools such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Marketing with a proprietary mix of other tools.

In comparison to traditional advertising, MSI is trackable and measurable. This makes the business case evaluation straightforward as ROI can readily be calculated.

Minifeed Competitive Intelligence (MCI)

We also offer services in competitive intelligence where you can track what keywords are working for your competition online and what content is being most read on their sites.In many cases we can track which keywords led to a lead contact for your competition.

In addition, the Minifeed competitive intelligence monthly report will mark overall search trends and traffic to your competitors’ sites and any media mentions of them.

MCI’s ROI is very high as you will know the exact terms that produce buyers for your products and services without trial and error testing. Let your competition determine which are the best markets and search terms online for your customers so you can spend your time capturing market share.

Minifeed Analytics (MA)

Visitors may arrive at your site; however they may not necessarily generate a lead or a sale. With our proprietary toolset we can help your organization improve its conversions and customer acquisition online.

Our toolset consists of:

  • Heat Maps of visitor clicks
  • Visitor mouse movement tracking
  • Goal and Conversion tracking: from keyword term to lead generation

These tools are designed to help you turn web site visitors into more customers more often with less spend.

One of our analytics consultants will help explain how our analytics tools work and if they would be able to help your business grow online.


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